Clean Air Task Force

Their task is to reduce carbon and other climate warming emissions.

Through technology innovation, policy change, and thought leadership, the Clean Air Task Force drives impact to prevent catastrophic climate change through realistic solutions.

Main Areas of Focus

Advanced Energy Solutions- Their goal is to provide the world with a vision of practical, resilient pathways to a zero carbon energy system.

Advanced Nuclear Energy- Their goal is to create a normal global research and development, commercial and regulatory and social ecosystem in which nuclear technology can flourish in order to decarbonize global energy production.

Bioenergy- Their goal is to redirect the production and use of bioenergy so that it contributes to, rather than undermines, decarbonization and climate stability.

Decarbonized Fossil Energy- Their goal is to accelerate the adoption of carbon capture technologies to prevent CO2 emissions from power generation and industrial sources.

Power Plants- Their goal is to ensure the adoption of US emissions standards on US fossil power plants to zero out US power sector carbon emissions by 2050

Super Pollutants- Their goal is to catalyze deep global reductions in methane and black carbon emissions to help stave off the risk of irreversible changes to our climate.

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